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Here are my descriptions of walks I've done.

The first section contains my top ten favourite walks prior to starting to develop this web site (effectively walks undertaken in the 20th Century) I have tried to analyse them to see what they have in common that makes them so memorable. Alas this was unsuccessful. I did write the section before setting up this site so they pre-date the walking diary for 2000 (or to put it another way, they are all in the twentieth century). But for this I would certainly have added the ascent of Harter Fell to the list of favourites.

After that comes my walking diary since the start of 2000. I've always envious of those who can keep a diary. My hope was that, in having a web site, there would be sufficient stimulation for me to keep it going!! you can tell how well I'm doing by how many entries there are in the table below.

The Twentieth Century

Diary 2000

Diary 2001

Diary 2002

The Dark Peak Challenge January January January
The Mamores Ridge February February February
Elidar Fawr March March March
Bowfell & Allen Crags April April April
Pic de l'Estanyo May May May
Tryfan & the Glyders June June  
Wasdale Weekend July July  
Bleaklow August August  
The Gritstone Trail September September  
Ward's Stone October October  
   November November  
   December December  

When I started one of the aims was to get a digital camera and add my own photographs of the walks. This was achieved in October 2000. From then on there are links from each walk to my photos. Alternatively, if my descriptions are just too tedious, go straight to my Photo Gallery.

When I first published the web there were navigation buttons down the side. By early in 2001, they went on way beyond the text. So I took them out and started the table. Before long I'd done something similar to the whole site. 

The next target is to develop a summary to help you all to get quickly to the walks in which you're really interested!!! Or perhaps I've done this without realising by creating the Photo Gallery and inserting links from there to the Diary.

Reflections on 2000

I've  studied my walks in 2000. The first obvious conclusion is that it's very easy to tell which ones I enjoyed the most; they are the ones with the longest description. Short descriptions mean there wasn't much that I found interesting enough to want to write it. It is more difficult to tell whether other people found the long descriptions interesting too! 

It was a disappointing year in some ways. I was down on the statistics (total miles, new peaks bagged). Lots of reasons for this; family commitments, promising Beryl that I'd back off a bit once I'd finished the Wainwrights, the aging process?? I seem to have virtually stopped walking with the guys from work because they only ever want to go to the Lakes.

On th plus side, I've kept the diary going for a year. More importantly I did finish the Wainwrights, did the l'Oefre ridge on Mallorca and, whilst I only did limited real walking, Canada was wonderful beyond words.

Ah well, there's 2001 to look forward to..


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