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November 2000

5 November

Out with the Ramblers to Lyth Hill, just south of Shrewsbury. Quite a small party; only 9 of us (with some possibly deterred by TV reports on the flooding in the area; the ground was wet, and ankle deep in places, but nothing impassable) but it did give the chance to have a chat to everyone In particular Norman (the Chair) and I dissected the proceedings at the Committee meeting in midweek.

We took the Shropshire way south-eastwards from Lyth Hill but soon cut across to Longden and then Plealey. An early lunch at Sibberscote Manor overlooking the small lake (large farm Pool?) which would have been pleasant on a nicer day. Onwards across the golf course at Arscott (no one on it; too wet) and then to Hook-a-Gate via Wood Hall and Moat Hall.

The scenery was getting less interesting by this stage especially as we skirted Bayston Hill (where Chris Moyle, the walk leader, was born so we had some local history) and the rain, which had been threatening all day, really set in. The last 20 minutes or so up sodden tacks and claggy fields was quite unpleasant.

We were lucky that it held off so long. It was vile all the way back and it continued through most of the night. Stafford was flooded by Monday evening.


12 November

The Ramblers Association puts all its members into branches and Beryl and I are in the Stone branch. However until today we'd never actually been out walking with them. We didn't fancy the SRG walk so we had a look at the Stone programme and it was Warslow. I was up for that.

We had a really super day. There were only 6 on the walk and we were very well received. The walk set off down the western side of the Manifold valley. The ground was very wet and actually the leader, Joan, trimmed a bit off this part. We made straight for Butterton rather than going further south to reach it via the lovely (but currently somewhat boggy) path up Hoo Brook.

The first walk I ever did in Staffordshire was around Butterton and my clearest memory of the day was descending the Twist across meadows full of flowers on a sunny day. It was a bit different climbing it today although in fairest the sun kept trying to break through. At the end we went across Grindon Moor (a first for me) and along the road nearly into Onecote. We then climbed Butterton Moor and had lunch on the side of Golden Hill.

Then there was another boggy and little walked section across Black Brook and along the side of the hill before descending to Upper Elkstone. and back to Butterton, just before it got dark. Only 8 miles but conditions under foot meant it was as strenuous as most ten milers.



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