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Site Details

Here are some of the technical details about my site.

Site Navigation

Follow the links at the foot of each page to access the major subsections of the site. There are links from these to each page.

Check out the site map to get the full picture.

If you're really clever, you'll spot that this is actually two sites pulled together with a common look and feel. I've had to do this because of the 50MB limit on Tripod's free hosting.

Web Editor

This site has been produced using Front Page 2000.

I started with one of the standard themes in FrontPage, then customised it, varying the fonts and using a background lifted from free stuff on the Web. Then I started to move away from the theme using boxes to add colour as well as getting a more precise layout.

The banner is from one of my own photographs; it's a panorama taken from the Helvellyn ridge, including Crinkle Crags, Bowfell, the Scafells, Gt Gable and Pillar.

At one point the script was in the Technical font which is only available in Word 2000. Unfortunately if the machine did not have Word 2000, it appeared in a rather boring script. So I changed it to Comic Sans, even though this is not as elegant as Technical.


My Rambling on Again logo was created using a Xara3D logo generator. Click here to get the free version on the Domainsrush web site. It comes out with a white background - I had to use the transparency pen in Microsoft Paint to convert it.


The best mountain sites have lots of photographs. In the months whilst I was developing this sight, I lifted some photographs from other web sites. I have taken most of these out now but those remaining are either acknowledged or there is a link to the original web site.

I have also used some maps from the OS web site. They give permission for limited usage. More recently I have started adding links to maps on the Streetmap site.

I bought a digital camera in Oct 2000. It is a Fujifilm Fine Pix 4700 zoom. I seem to be getting some decent shots but I don' feel totally proficient with it.

My first efforts taken around Malham are now included on this web.

As is my first attempt at cropping a picture (a distant view of the Earl's Hill near Shrewsbury) This neatly removes a pool of water caused by recent heavy rains..

I have now re-organised the site so that there is a quick route to most photographs; they relate to specific walks on which I took enough decent shots with the digital camera. 

If you have a non-commercial site, feel free to copy any image; that's how I started after all. Just acknowledge the source and put in a link to my site.


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Have a look at the Stafford Rambling Group site

I  try  to ensure that the information provided on this Web is accurate, barring the odd bit of petty slander. If you find anything that is not accurate (or if you would like me to add a link to your site)  please let me know so that I can update it. However, I will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies nor for any use to which the information may be put.