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The Roaches

28.01.01 Gun and the Roaches Read about the walk
The Roaches before the mist descended Hen Cloud in the gathering gloom  The last leg of Gun: typical Dark Peak heather
The top of Gun: when there is no mist, it's the finest viewpoint in Staffordshire Hanging Rock at the western end of the Roaches Hanging Rock from a different angle
The top of the Roaches: not desperately inspiring today
17.06.01 The Roaches & the Dane Valley Read about the walk
 20010617a roaches.jpg (146152 bytes)    20010617b hencloud.jpg (148207 bytes)   20010617c hencloud.jpg (155530 bytes)
The end of the Roaches from Hen Cloud side Hen Cloud Looking back along the ridge towards Hen Cloud
20010617e climber.jpg (148310 bytes) 20010617f tittesworth.jpg (147102 bytes) 20010617g doxey.jpg (147069 bytes)
Climbers ahoy Tittesworth lake Doxey Pool
20010617h doxey.jpg (144535 bytes) 20010617j shutlingsloe.jpg (150405 bytes) 20010617l lunch.jpg (145560 bytes)
Doxey Pool Shutlingsloe dominating the skyline Lunchtime with Shutlingsloe again
20010617n cottomgrass.jpg (153925 bytes)
9.9.01 Gun and the Roaches (again)
20010909a gun.jpg (152414 bytes) 20010909b roaches.jpg (143601 bytes) 20010909c hencloud.jpg (145347 bytes)
Dropping off the Roaches towards Meerbrook The Roaches Hen Cloud
20010909e cloud.jpg (147506 bytes) 20010909f croker.jpg (148015 bytes) 20010909h tricky.jpg (142726 bytes)
The Cloud from Gun Croker Hill A tricky spot



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