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Exmoor Weekend

A stroll along the Quantocks to the high point, Wills Neck

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Sightseeing in Dunster

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Cottages in Selworthy and the view to Dunkery Beacon

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Around Selworthy Beacon

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Selworthy Beacon from afar

20010224a_selbeacon.jpg (145677 bytes)

Approaching Dunkery Beacon; the final shot shows the summit from Great Rowbarrow

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Dunkery Beacon summit; the final shot has Selworthy Beacon in the distance

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Luccombe Church and Horner Watermill

20010224j_luccumbe.jpg (147699 bytes) 20010224k_hornermill.jpg (144795 bytes)

Shots of the Doone Valley; with good eyesight you'll spot a heron on the second one

20010225b_dooneval.jpg (143285 bytes) 20010225c_heron.jpg (142584 bytes) 20010225d_dooneval.jpg (148630 bytes) 20010225e_footbridge.jpg (143568 bytes) 20010225f_dooneval.jpg (148223 bytes)


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