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Wainwright Quiz

        Spot the Wainwright from each clue Click here for answers
1 A bed collapsed here  
2 A negative view of Whitecliff   
3 A sound game for children   
4 Allegedly it was once the biggest thing at the Baseball and County grounds   
5 Arrest, colloquially   
6 Barbarically execute the once and future king   
7 Bastion of the community   
8 Batch learn revolution  
9 Came second in Olympics? By what means?   
10 Capuchin  
11 Clint's mate  
12 Confectionary counter at fete  
13 Cut-price top  
14 Dame Diana on grass  
15 A peaceful spot?      
16 Difficult for Cockneys to climb   
17 England (or possibly Fiji) in the Rugby World Cup  
18 Fall in Hell? Perhaps   
19 Former MP for Chester  
20 Fundamental error  
21 Heartless shallows   
22 Two fish eaters  
23 Is it caught in the Derwent?  
24 Ken is really brilliant  
25 Maesteg in England  
26 Mel takes on former England wicket-keeper  
27 Mouldy feature of home  
28 Is this hill out of commission?  
29 Oxfordshire village    
30 Pillocks  
31 Porsche and Mercedes-Benz  
32 Quick with fish   
33 Re tedious diversions  
34 Reef or Granny  
35 Regrading or cost-of-living award  
36 Rex's Rod to the French  
37 Sailor's entanglements   
38 Scene of badger -baiting?  
39 Schwarzeneggar's Issue: should I leave Craig?  
40 Sky piece breaks around gold   
41 Sounds easy in retrospect  
42 Square gets cross to represent this  
43 St John's Wood in cricketing terms  
44 Superb finale  
45 Superman Clark  
46 Swiss family      
47 The ball from Chaos   
48 Sounds like a Bradford defender (bought from  Leeds)  
49 Traditional agriculture equipment  
50 Tres chic apparently  
51 Weapon carried by a dwarf??  
52 What Bart Simpson will not do unless he's sick  
53 What happened when a lot was sold  
54 Where the Needles are?  
55 What happened when the witch stopped flying  
56 Where you'll find Boots, M&S, WH Smith etc    
57 What took place at the Reichenbach Falls  
58 Whose? Ours? Sort it out.  
59 Worn to warn birds  
60 You won't score here  

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