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He is my original walking companion from work. He’s amazing; he doesn't do that much walking yet seems to get stronger as the day goes on, despite the fact that at 5ft 6 he is at least 6 inches shorter than most of the people he walks with. Not noted for a strong sense of direction or his map-reading skills. He has struggled over many years to recognise Great Gable,  even though it is only marginally less distinctive than a zebra.

He says that he is like the ‘quagga’ - extinct, but worth all the efforts to recreate. His strength comes from his regular fitness routine, spiritual awareness and general appreciation of his companions' enthusiasm and skills. He reckons that he does walk a lot as over the last seven-and-a-half years he's attained nearly 200 Wainwrights.
(It's sad, isn't it, that he only measures his walking by that standard)

A man of various fixations: for example, green lanes, the Stiperstones and skippy sandwiches all hold a strange pull for him.

CU Personality: he has become an incorrigible type C. When we were doing the Greenburn Round recently, he asked why we were going up Wetherlam. The implication was that it was folly as we'd both done it before. There was no recognition of this being a fascinating new route up the hill. For all this, he can't shake off his type A roots.


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