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The Moelwyns

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20010805a waterfall.jpg (349920 bytes) 20010805b Moelwyn Mawr.jpg (145834 bytes) 20010805c moelwynbach.jpg (151976 bytes)
Waterfall near Tanygrisiau Moelwyn Mawr from Moelwyn Bach Looking back the other way at Moelwyn Bach - note the line of descent on the left
20010805d valefestiniog.jpg (148492 bytes) 20010805f moelwynmawr.jpg (148001 bytes) 20010805h moelwynbach.jpg (149092 bytes)
Through the rocks of Craigysgafn over to the Vale of Festiniog Moelwyn Mawr summit, my rucksack, Cnicht and the cloud on Snowdon Moelwyn Bach over Craigysgafn and the Trawsfynydd reservoir
20010805j moelyrhydd.jpg (149164 bytes) 20010805k quarrey.jpg (148522 bytes) 20010805l cribgoch.jpg (143788 bytes)
Moel yr Hydd Deserted quarrey at Rhosydd; note in the background is ............ ................ Crib Goch
20010805m alltfawr.jpg (148251 bytes) 20010805n cnicht.jpg (146458 bytes) 20010805p craigysgafn.jpg (146698 bytes)
Allt Fawr with Siabod behind Cnicht across Cwm Croesor, a bit less pointy than normal Craigysgafn from the traverse path

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