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20010630a Glasgwm.jpg (149820 bytes) 20010630b June.jpg (146261 bytes) 20010630c maesglas.jpg (152141 bytes)
Glasgwm across the Corist Valley Cold enough for June? Low cloud on the Cribin Fawr ridge The cloud lifts briefly: Maesglase from Cribin Fawr
20010630d waunoer.jpg (145642 bytes) 20010630e waunoertop.jpg (146025 bytes) 20010630f cadair.jpg (150016 bytes)
Waun-oer from the descent from Cribin Fawr Waun-oer summit A cloudy Cadair Idris from Waun-oer
20010630i waunoer.jpg (149476 bytes) 20010630j col.jpg (148073 bytes) 20010630k ridge.jpg (150310 bytes)
Waun-oer and Cadair The col between Waun-oer and Cribin Fawr Looking back at the ridge from near Maesglase
20010630l cribinfawr.jpg (147407 bytes) 20010630n maesglase.jpg (155650 bytes)
Cribin Fawr Maesglase from the ridge I took on the descent

Read about the walk


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