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The Differences between Men & Women

A few personal observations on the differences between men and women, especially the way their minds work.

Men want something to work. Women want it to look nice too. 

Men cook. Women wash up

Women talk about their feelings. Men talk about their feelings about football.

Men can read maps. Women know what to take along for when they get there.

Women make lists of things to do. Men make lists of the Ten Best-Ever Things (yes 'High Fidelity' is a great book -much better than 'Bridget Jones Diary')

Men dream. Women plan.

Men take pleasure in small things. Women want to change the world to reach a new high

I've just seen a description of a film. It claimed that women love it becuse it's sensitive, romantic and in French. However men hate it because it's long, nothing ever happens and it's in French. 

Whereas in the world of work men say that women interfere in their jobs. Women say that this wouldn't happen if the men could do their work properly in the first place.


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